How to Freestyle Snowboard

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Once you havee mastered all the basics of learning to snowboard, you will be eager and ready to progress to the next level of snowboarding; freestyle snowboarding. If you want to stomp tricks like the pros, and hit all the biggest features at your local mountains, this is definitely the right place!


Mastering the art of freestyle snowboarding involves 3 basic fundamental approaches:

Mental Training

  1. Sharpen your mental state. It is crucial in snowboarding that you are consistently in the most beneficial state of mind.
  2. Visualize your trick before you do it, literally programing the muscles in your body. Utilizing this ability can not only improve your riding quickly, but it will help you to calm the inner conversations you have when approaching any kind of trick, knowing that you can do it.
  1. your body and mind will receive will enable your body to throw that same trick down without even having to think about it later on.

Physical Training

  1. Engage in activities that will tone and condition your muscles, and keep you as flexible as possible.
    • Physical training might appear to be the most obvious aspect, but is often overlooked. (esp. for young riders) Snowboarders do not need to be especially strong or need to possess any supernatural skill or body type. Any average Joe has the potential to be great on a board. It does however make a world of difference to be in shape and flexible.
  2. Always stretch before riding! Improves balance and makes it less likely for you to get pointless injuries.
  3. Make your physical training any activity that keeps you in shape; anything from going to the gym, playing sports, or walking, running, yoga, etc. It should be something you will enjoy, so that you will continue with it.
    • Cardio Training: Run, bike, play sports, skateboard, etc
    • Flexibility: Stretch your entire body, especially legs and back.
    • Strength: Squats, pushups, sit-ups, weights, chin-ups, stair training, hop ups, etc
        • pattern. Even if you spend an entire day on the mountain focusing on stomping a perfect backside 360, the focus
        • Focused Training

          1. Train with a specific trick in mind.
            • Apply the mental preparation used in Mental Training to each and every trick that you are learning. Not only will you be focused on a specific range of body motions, your mind will be locked into the same Tips
          • This cannot be stressed enough; Believe in yourself!!
          • Itís surprising how many snowboarders either do not believe they can do it or they are unsure, even when relating to a trick they have commonly performed. Being unsure of yourself is definitely understandable especially if you are trying something new, but it is an extremely bad way of approaching a trick. To put it simply if you truly believe you can do a rodeo 7 or a switch frontside boardslide, you can! All you need is total 100% belief, total confidence in yourself combined with the trick know-how and plenty of practice.



          • Freestyle snowboarding, like any extreme sport has its inherent risks involved. Be safe and have fun and wear your helmet!

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